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Can I use Performance Cleaner and Performance Proofer in the same wash cycle?

Unfortunately not. Both products would have to be used separately although there would be no need to dry the garment after the initial wash.

My garment is not suitable for tumble drying, can I still wash my garment with Grangers Clothing Wash + Repel?

Grangers 2 in 1 is a unique formulation designed to clean and reproof in one wash cycle. Fully activating the proofing element can only be achieved if the garment is dried using a suitable source of heat.  If tumble drying is not an option, we would suggest washing with Grangers Performance Cleaner first then reproofing with Grangers Performance Proofer.

What wash temperature should I use when washing my garment?

We would always recommend referring to the garment care label which should give the manufacturers recommended wash temperature. For an outdoor garment it would typically be 30°C or 40°C. Grangers wash-in cleaners and proofers are formulated to work at any temperature. 

Will washing my garment with a standard laundry detergent have any effect to my garments water repel

Standard laundry detergents often contain heavy surfactants, optical brighteners, perfumes and various other additives which will become imbedded in the garment. While these additives have a specific function in standard laundry items, in technical waterproof clothing these additives will act as wetting agents, masking the original DWR treatment applied to your garment as well as effecting the performance of any subsequent reproofing. Grangers Performance Cleaner and Down Cleaner are formulated to effectively remove dirt and residues from performance textiles to help maintain a garments existing DWR as well as providing a clean residue-free base for effective re-proofing.

I do not have access to a tumble dryer. Is there another way of drying my garment?

Some garments are suitable for ironing on a low heat which would be an effective alternative to tumble drying. We strongly recommend referring to the garments care label first to ensure that your garment is suitable for ironing. Blowing hot air with a hair dryer can also be effective.

Do you have any product suitable for removing mould or mildew from tents and awnings?

Unfortunately Grangers do not manufacture any product designed to remove mould or mildew. Any such product will have a detrimental effect to the water repellency of the fabric as well as the performance of any subsequent water repellent treatment. We would suggest treating the mould/mildew with a suitable product sourced from your local outdoor retailer before cleaning and reproofing

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